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Cremation is an alternative to burial when someone dies. All Christian denominations and most other religious sects around the world permit cremation. There are six crematoria located in Dublin.
Should you wish to arrange a cremation you should contact a Patrick O’Donovan & Son who will ensure all the legal requirements are met. Before cremation, forms must be signed by a medical referee who must be satisfied that the attending doctor has seen the body before and after the death, completed the medical certificate and the necessary form stating that there is no reason why the body should not be cremated. The attending doctor is required to examine whether or not the death should be notified to the coroner.

The Ashes

The ashes will be available 48 hours after the cremation. You can make arrangements through Patrick O’Donovan & Son or the crematorium for the remains to be buried in the crematorium's Garden of Remembrance.
Alternatively, the ashes can be collected in an urn. You can then bury the remains in the family grave or disperse them. If the dispersal is not on private ground, permission should be obtained from the appropriate authority, for example, the local authority.


If you choose burial you will either need to re-open an existing grave or purchase a new grave. Family graves can usually accommodate at least three adult burials, depending on the cemetery.

New graves are available for purchase in most Dublin City and County cemeteries. Whether you are purchasing a new grave or opening an existing one there will be an opening fee, of which our staff will advise you when making funeral arrangements.

To discuss our range of cremation and burial options, please get in contact with us today.

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