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Paddy (Whacker) Thompson - Dun Laoghaire, Co. Dublin - Eighteenth Anniversary away from home - Died June 27th 2006.

They say it’s a beautiful journey,

From the old world to the new

Someday I’ll make that journey Whack,

Just to be with you.

And when I reach that golden gate,

That leads to heaven’s door.

You’ll put your arms around me,

And I will cry no more.

The face I love is missing

The voice I love is still.

The hands that did so much for me

Are resting at God’s will.


Love always, your loving wife Frances.





As time goes by without you,

And days turn into years.

They hold a million memories

And a million silent tears.

Although we cannot see you

Your love has kept us strong.

The memories you left

Help us carry on.

So always stay beside up

It helps to know you’re there.

Thanks Dad for everything

For all your love and care.


Love and miss you always, your loving sons,

daughter, grandchildren and

Great-grandchildren. xxxx

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