Patrick O'Donovan & Son

Established since 1965

Religious Funeral Services

We cater for all types of religious funeral services at Patrick O’Donovan & Son.
Our experience as long-established funeral directors provides us with an understanding of the traditions of many religious faiths as they relate to funerals, including those of faiths which are relatively new to Ireland.

We can assist you in arranging:
● Popular hymns and music.
● Suggested scripture readings.
● Musicians and singers.
● The design and print of a Mass booklet or Order of Service.
● Church flowers and floral tributes.
● Newspaper, radio and notices.
● Reception after the service.

If you have questions about choosing or planning a religious service our experienced funeral directors will be more than happy to assist you.

Since 1965, we have been providing a range of multi-domination religious funeral services.